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Cypermethrin 5% Greenhouse Fumigation Application Rate 1-2pces/130 Cbm

Cypermethrin 5% Greenhouse Fumigation Application Rate 1-2pces/130 Cbm

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    Cypermethrin 5% Greenhouse Fumigation


    2 pces/130 Cbm Greenhouse Fumigation


    100 Sq Ft Greenhouse Chemical Fumigant

  • Form
  • Coverage
    100 Sq Ft
  • Type
  • Shelf Life
    2 Years
  • Product Name
    Greenhouse Fumigation
  • Storage
    Cool And Dry Place
  • Application Rate
    1-2 Lbs/130 Cbm
  • Harvest Interval
    12 House
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
    5% Efficient Cypermethrin

Cypermethrin 5% Greenhouse Fumigation Application Rate 1-2pces/130 Cbm

Product Description:

Greenhouse Fumigation is a chemical fumigent designed specifically for greenhouses. It has a shelf life of 2 years and can cover up to 100 square feet. It is ideal for controlling cockroach infestations and other indoor pests. Its application interval is 12 hours and it is designed to help you protect your crops from pests and maximize your harvest. It is an easy-to-use and effective solution for controlling pests in greenhouses, and it is the perfect choice for any grower looking to protect their investment.



  • Product Name: Greenhouse Fumigation
  • Target Pest: Insects
  • Shelf Life: 2 Years
  • Re-entry Interval: 24 Hours
  • Form: Fumigant
  • House Clean: Effectively remove the pests in the greenhouse
  • Cockroach Killer: Kill cockroaches, ants and other insect pests
  • Cockroach Killer Indoor Infestation: Effective indoor infestation control

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Product Name Greenhouse Fumigation
Re-entry Interval 24 Hours
Form Fumigant
Application Greenhouse
Type Chemical
Manufacturer U-CHOICE Company
Packaging 120 Piece / Carton
Coverage 100 Sq Ft
Target Pest Insects
Active Ingredient 5% Efficient Cypermethrin
Uses Cockroach Killer, Indoor Infestation, Pest Control


U-CHOICE 5% Efficient Cypermethrin Fumigant for Greenhouse Insect Control

U-CHOICE 5% Efficient Cypermethrin Fumigant is a powerful pest control solution for eliminating insects in greenhouses. This product, manufactured by U-CHOICE Company, is a fumigant that is applied at a rate of 1-2 lbs/130 cbm, providing effective coverage. The fumigant is highly efficient, containing 5% active Cypermethrin for optimal pest control. This U-CHOICE product is designed to target and eliminate a variety of insects in the greenhouse.



U-CHOICE 5% Efficient Cypermethrin offers a 12-hour harvest interval, covering up to 100 Sq Ft with a shelf life of 2 years. This fumigant is specifically designed for cockroach control services, and is an effective and efficient way to kill cockroaches and deal with pest control.


Support and Services:

Greenhouse Fumigation Technical Support and Service

Technical Support – We provide technical support for the installation, operation, and maintenance of our Greenhouse Fumigation products. Our team of experts are available to provide assistance with troubleshooting, product recommendation, and technical advice. We also offer comprehensive training for our customers and staff, so you can be sure you get the most out of your product.

Service – We provide a full range of service options to ensure that our Greenhouse Fumigation products are functioning correctly. We offer regular maintenance and repair services, as well as emergency service when needed. We also provide parts replacement and spare parts services, as well as product upgrades and modifications.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Greenhouse Fumigation

Greenhouse fumigation is a delicate process that requires special packaging and shipping techniques. The following steps are necessary for the safe and secure packaging and shipping of greenhouse fumigation materials:

  • Make sure all packaging materials are clean and free of dirt and debris.
  • Use airtight packaging to prevent gas leakage.
  • Label packages with hazardous material warnings.
  • Ship materials in temperature-controlled vehicles.
  • Keep packages away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

By following these steps, greenhouse fumigation materials can be safely packaged and shipped to their final destination.