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45 Fucoidan Oligosaccharide Organic Plant Fertilizer Promotes Crop Growth

45 Fucoidan Oligosaccharide Organic Plant Fertilizer Promotes Crop Growth

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    5PH Organic Plant Fertilizer


    45 Fucoidan Oligosaccharide Organic Plant Fertilizer


    antitumor Organic Plant Fertilizer Powder

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    45 Fucoidan Oligosaccharide
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    45 Fucoidan Oligosaccharide
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    25kgs/bag , 25kgs/drum

45 Fucoidan Oligosaccharide Organic Plant Fertilizer Promotes Crop Growth

Fucoidan oligosaccharide - a new type of plant vaccine

Algin is a linear long-chain molecule irregularly linked by 1,4-mannuronic acid (M) and 1,4-guluronic acid (G), which obtains a degree of polymerization of 2-10 through a certain cleavage reaction. The functional oligosaccharide is fucoidan oligosaccharide. Fucoid oligosaccharides (abbreviation: AOS/ADO) can be divided into β-D-mannuronic acid (M) and α-L-guluronic acid (G) linked by 1-4 glycosidic bonds. Polymers, there are polymannuronic acid (PM), polyguluronic acid (PG) and hybrid fucoid oligosaccharide (PMG). Brown algae oligosaccharide has low molecular weight, good water solubility, high stability, and has many biological activities, such as anti-tumor, anti-oxidation, bacteriostasis, growth promotion, etc. It has broad development in the fields of drug development, functional food development, and green agriculture prospect.




Fucoidan Oligosaccharide


Fucoidan Oligosaccharide


Fucoidan Oligosaccharide

Color Light yellow powder Brown powder Dark brown liquid
Alginic acid (%) 80 20 16
Oligosaccharide 90 45 20
PH 5-8 5-8 5-8
moisture 10 10 --
Water soluble 100% 100% 100%


Fucoid oligosaccharide promotes crop growth and development

Fucoid oligosaccharides induce the expression of rice auxin-related genes, accelerate the biosynthesis and transport of auxin, and reduce the activity of rice IAA oxidase. The IAA concentration was increased by 37.8%. Fucoid oligosaccharides can increase the expression of auxin-related genes, promote the synthesis and transport of IAA in the shoots, and make more IAA transport to the root system, thereby promoting root growth.


Fucoid oligosaccharide improves tomato drought resistance

The experimental results showed that 0.2% fucoidan oligosaccharide treatment improved the drought resistance of tomato seedlings by reducing the electrolyte efflux and MDA content, increasing the content of free proline, total soluble sugar and inducers, and increasing the activities of CAT, SOD, POD and PAL.


Functions of Fucoid Oligosaccharides

1. The signal substances of plants can activate the SA and JA immune systems of plants, resist bacteria and viruses, and reduce the use of  pesticides.

2. It can delay the decay of fruits, and at the same time increase the content of Vc, flavonoids and total phenols during storage, and improve the quality of fruits.

3. Induce the expression of auxin-related genes and accelerate the biosynthesis and transport of auxin.

4. Stimulate plants to produce phytochemicals, defense enzymes and osmotic adjustment substances, and enhance plant stress resistance.

5. Promote root, enhance the photosynthesis of plants, early maturity and morning market.

    6. Adding brown algae oligosaccharide, the product has the effect of plant vaccine.