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Root Strengthening Carbon Enzyme Compound Fertilizer

Root Strengthening Carbon Enzyme Compound Fertilizer

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    Root Strengthening Carbon Enzyme Fertilizer


    Root Strengthening Compound Fertilizer


    20kg/Mu Compound Fertilizer

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Root Strengthening Carbon Enzyme Compound Fertilizer

Compound water soluble fertilizer


All natural products, excellent effect.

The carbon enzyme organic water-soluble fertilizer is more conducive to the absorption of crops.

Complexation tracking + gold wire suspension + adjusting soil pH value

Organic + inorganic quick acting + long acting

The results showed that: rooting strong tree + increasing sweet coloring; swelling fruit quality + preventing malformed fruit; promoting flower and fruit + increasing yield; strong root + strong seedling + preventing soil borne disease; seedling strengthening + root strengthening + preventing ginger blast; fruit shape round and glossy + good coloring, high sweetness; promoting root + improving fruit setting rate; increasing chlorophyll + preventing disease and insect pests.

Effective live bacteria ≥ 2.0 billion / g


Mineral fulvic acid 1.8%

Mineral humic acid 3%

Multivitamin 1%

Organic carbon enzyme powder 7%

Immune inducer 1.2%

Active peptide 2%

Seaweed polysaccharide 3%

Silicone 0.3%

Ca + Mg 0.4%

Zn + B + Fe + Mn + Cu + Mo 0.25%



1. Fertilizer nutrient complexation tracking, directly hit around the root system, rooting and strong root, main root growing vigorously, capillary root increasing significantly.

2. Full water-soluble organic matter, golden silk suspension, high organic matter,complete nutrients, effectively prevent dry tip yellowing, large and small fruits, fruit cracking, navel rot and other phenomena.

3. Bi-directional adjust of soil pH, improve soil aggregate structure, increase soil permeability and oxygen content, and enhance crop stress resistance.

4. Rich in organic potassium and food grade mineral elements, scientific ratio of organic and inorganic nutrients can promote fruit expansion and prolong the preservation life.



1. Irrigate with water, 10-20kg / mu, drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation, 5-10kg / mu.

2. Follow the principle of small amount and multiple times in seedling stage, and other fertilizers can be used together.