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Black Disease Resistance Carbon Enzyme Bio Stimulant

Black Disease Resistance Carbon Enzyme Bio Stimulant

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    Carbon Enzyme Bio Stimulant


    Disease Resistance Biostimulant


    Stress Resistance Bio Stimulant

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    Black Powder
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    1kg, 2kg
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Black Disease Resistance Carbon Enzyme Bio Stimulant

Carbon Enzyme Biostimulant


Based on the advanced biotechnology, it can strengthen the absorption of crops, wet molecular formula, molecular particles can be 100% absorbed by plants. The perfect combination of seaweed, oligosaccharide & fulvic acid, enhance the ability of rooting, disease resistance & stress resistance, improve immunity, improve quality and yield.



Waxy Bacillus ≥2.0billion/g Organic matter ≥58.0%
Alginic acid ≥18.0% Humic acid ≥50.0%
Effective carbon ≥10.0% Oligosaccharide ≥2.0%
Fulvic acid ≥30.0% Trace element ≥1.3%


Product features:

1.It can be quickly absorbed into the carbon cycle carried out in plants, providing a carbon source directly for carbohydrate synthesis. Fast rooting, enhance resistance of stress ability, to increase yield.

2.Provide carbon energy that can be directly used for beneficial microorganisms in the soil, promote the large-scale reproduction of beneficial microorganisms, quickly improve the soil microecological environment and provide a basis for root growth.

3.Contains pure natural seaweed active substances, significantly improve the overall growth of crops.

4.Long-term use can effectively break down soil compaction, adjust acid and reduce salt.


Product Functions:

1.Fast rooting, activating new roots, promoting capillary roots.

2.Improving the ability of disease resistance & stress resistance of crops.

3.Improve fertilizer efficiency and fruit setting rate.

4.Fast fruit expansion and good coloring..

5.Use with other fertilizers to form a compound synergist, significantly improve fertilizer efficiency.



1. This product is suitable for all kinds of crops and all kinds of irrigation methods.

2. Foliar application: Dilute it with water as 1:2000 according to the practical condition.

3. Fertigation: (through drip irrigation, flood irrigation) dilute it with water as 1:1000 according to the practical condition.