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Crop Growth Chelated Calcium Water Soluble Fertilizer

Crop Growth Chelated Calcium Water Soluble Fertilizer

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    Chelated Calcium Water Soluble Fertilizer


    Crop Growth Carbon Enzyme Fertilizer


    Flood Irrigation Carbon Enzyme Fertilizer

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Crop Growth Chelated Calcium Water Soluble Fertilizer

Carbon Enzyme Water Soluble Fertilizer


Plant growth needs five elements:


1. Light: photosynthesis synthesizes organic matter, transforms light energy into chemical energy to supply self growth, and is the basis of carbon oxygen balance of the earth.


2. Temperature: plants need proper temperature to complete the metabolism (growth) process.


3. Water: water is the main component of plant body.


4. Gas: Photosynthesis of leaves absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen; root respiration: absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.


5. Fertilizer: necessary for plant growth. Including: inorganic, organic, microbial, various trace elements, carbon, enzyme, etc.


This product effectively solves the problem of balanced supply of plant growth factors.



Carbon pro-enzyme powder

Polyglutamic acid


Seaweed extract

Fulvic acid powder

Root accelarator

Anti-repeated stubble powder

A variety of trace elements needed for crop growth, such as ultra-micro Boron, chelated Calcium, chelated Iron, chelated Magnesium, chelated Zinc and so on.



1. 100% absorption, activate root cell differentiation, effectively promote root growth.

2. Activate microbial propagation, improve root environment, increase nutrition, improve quality and increase yield.

3. Increase the ability of anti-virus and anti disease, anti continuous stubble, prevent yellowing and reduce medication.

4. After use, there are many flowers and fruits. The fruit is big, heavy, well colored and of high commodity value.

5.100% water soluble, adjusting acid and reducing salt, strengthening nutrition delivery, providing more comprehensive nutrition for crops.



1. This product is suitable for all kinds of crops and all kinds of irrigation methods.

2. Foliar application: Dilute it with water as 1:800 to 1:1000 according to the practical condition.

3. Fertigation: (through drip irrigation, flood irrigation) dilute it with water as 1:50 to 1:100 according to the practical condition.