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5mm Granular Water Soluble Carbon Enzyme Fertilizer

5mm Granular Water Soluble Carbon Enzyme Fertilizer

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    Water Soluble Carbon Enzyme Fertilizer


    Granular Carbon Enzyme Fertilizer


    5mm Carbon Enzyme Fertilizer

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    Brown Granular
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  • Solubility In Water(20℃)
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5mm Granular Water Soluble Carbon Enzyme Fertilizer

 Granular Water Soluble Carbon Enzyme Fertiliaer


A pioneer of carbon enzyme functional water soluble fertilizer


Master the core technology of micro-carbon and growth promotion. Ensure food quality and safety.


We are the leader in the discovery and commercialization of natural plant health technologies. These technologies come from a variety of natural mixtures and form the basis of the carbon enzyme technology platform. Every day, we strive to provide the most effective, efficient and profitable natural products to the market.


Natural products, excellent effects.


The exclusive patented technology, through the optimization of natural raw materials and special extraction and concentration process. Extract small molecular organic acids from natural weathered lignite and use small molecular organic acids as the carrier of all products to improve the effectiveness and stability of the products.It greatly improves the utilization efficiency of various nutrients and saves various natural resources.

Crops are likes the human body. There are thousands of enzymes involved in metabolism and catalytic reaction in the body. The product is added with six enzymes, such as photosynthetic enzyme. Improve the metabolism ability of plants and promote the growth of crops.













Carbon pro-enzyme powder

Molasses fermentation broth

Polyglutamic acid

Polyaspartic acid

Fulvic acid

Waxy bacillus

Bacillus cereus

Root accelarator

A variety of trace elements needed for crop growth, such as ultra-micro Boron, chelated Calcium, chelated Iron, chelated Magnesium, chelated Zinc and so on.



1.100% water soluble, 100% absorption, repair damaged cells, increase nutrition, improve quality and increase yield.

2.The combination of micro-carbon and growth-promoting technology can chelate various nutrients & can be quickly absorbed by crops.

3.Adjust soil PH value and supply medium & trace elements. Dissolving phosphorus and patassium.

4.To enhance resistance of continuous stubble & yellowing ability, effectively relief of various climate damage.

5.Promote the seedling growing & root system developing, stronger stem & thicker leaves & more flowers.

6.Fast fruit expansion, good coloring, high yield, multiple fruits, heavy fruit, good taste, prevent premature senescence and shedding of fruit.



1. This product is suitable for all kinds of crops and all kinds of irrigation methods.

2. Foliar application: Dilute it with water as 1:800 to 1:1000 according to the practical condition.

3. Fertigation: (through drip irrigation, flood irrigation) dilute it with water as 1:50 to 1:100 according to the practical condition.