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Anti Viral Glycopeptide Carbon Enzyme Organic Plant Fertilizer

Anti Viral Glycopeptide Carbon Enzyme Organic Plant Fertilizer

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    Anti Viral Organic Plant Fertilizer


    Powdered Organic Plant Fertilizer


    Anti Viral Glycopeptide Carbon Enzyme

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  • Solubility In Water(20℃)
  • PH(1% Water Soluble)
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Anti Viral Glycopeptide Carbon Enzyme Organic Plant Fertilizer

Anti Viral Glycopeptide Carbon Enzyme Organic Plant Fertilizer


Glycopeptide Carbon Enzyme

Specialized in enhancing the ability of resistance yellowing and virus

Afraid of crop yellowing, use Glycopeptide Carbon Enzyme

Afraid of viruses, use Glycopeptide Carbon Enzyme

Powerful and comprehensive anti yellowing, anti viral industry-leading bio combination products work in all parts of the world and every crop. Even in the worst growing conditions. This product has core patented technology, rich in a variety of seaweed, oligosaccharide, small molecule carbon, a variety of active bacteria and refined by boron, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum. It can effectively solve physiological problems such as yellow head, yellow leaf, falling flower, small fruit, premature aging, poor quality, effectively supplement the needs of each stage of the product, maintain smooth microtubule bundle, and promote crop growth.



Nanometer carbon ≥ 8%

Enzymolysis of seaweed essence ≥ 5%

Chelated rare earth elements ≥ 1.3%

Medium & trace elements ≥ 18%

Polyprotein ≥ 0.3%

Oligomeric small peptide ≥ 1.2%



1. Promote the patency of microtubule bundles, strengthen the transport of nutrients, prevent crop yellowing and other deficiency diseases.

2. Efficient combination glycopeptide carbon enzyme, it can be directly used in soil and mixed with other nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.

3. Increase the active substances in the soil to avoid damage to crops due to lack of elements.

4. Activate root cell differentiation, effectively promote root growth, promote cell division and expansion, such as flower bud differentiation, fruit expansion, fruit stalk thickening.

5. Activate microbial reproduction, microbial secretion to improve soil, stimulate new root growth.

6. Improve the ability of resistance to high and low temperature and abnormal weather, stimulate the activity of emergency protease in crops. Improve stress resistance.



1. This product is suitable for all kinds of crops and all kinds of irrigation methods.

2. Fertigation: (through flush fertilization,drip irrigation) 500g/mu in seedling stage, 500g-1000g/mu in growing period, according to the practical condition.

3. Foliar spray: Dilute it with water as 1:1500-1:2500 according to the practical condition, uniform spraying.