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98% Purity C7H6NNaO4 Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate

98% Purity C7H6NNaO4 Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate

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    Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate

  • State
  • MF
  • Purity
  • Application
    Strong Cell Activator
  • Place of Origin
    Henan Province, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO9001 : 2008
  • Model Number
    Technical Grade
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    25kg (samples can be offered)
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    3-14 Days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    100 MT per Month

98% Purity C7H6NNaO4 Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate

Factory Supplier Agricultural Grade Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate Plant Growth Regulator


1. High purity compound sodium nitrophenolate is mixed by sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate, sodium ortho-nitrophenolate and sodium para-nitrophenolate as the certain ratio.
2. Each monomer plays different roles and sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate acts as the most active ingredient and plays a core role.
3. The three monomers are scientifically compatible and can infiltrate rapidly into plant body, promote flow of cellular protoplasm and increase cell activity.
4. It can be used at any time from sowing to harvest time and improve crops quality and output.


Function & Advantage
1. It can be used in foliage spray, seed soaking, irrigation, and flower spread.
2. It is widely used as plant growth regulator in crops, vegetables, fruits, tea trees, cottons and oil crops, etc.
3. Because of its advantages such as high efficiency, low toxicity, low residue and no side effect, it has been widely used in over 40 countries and areas in the world.
4. It can be also used in husbandary and fishery to increase output and quality of meat, eggs and furs meanwhile to enhance immunity of animals and prevent many deseases.


It can promote the growth of the crop, induce chemo to root and germinate, raise the absorption to the nutrition, so can make them bloom and fruit in advance, furthermore, it can break the dormant obstacle, and enhance the immunity of the plant, the capacity against adverse circumstances such as drought, flood, and coldness even freeze injury, etc.