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Powder Greenhouse Fumigation Chloroisobromine Cyanuric Acid CCA 50% SP

Powder Greenhouse Fumigation Chloroisobromine Cyanuric Acid CCA 50% SP

  • High Light

    greenhouse fumigation products


    greenhouse smoke fumigator

  • Appearance
  • Color
    White Or Off-white
  • CAS No.
  • MF
  • Purity
  • Manufacturer Or Trader
  • Place of Origin
    Henan Province, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO 9001 : 2008
  • Model Number
    Min 50%
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    100kg (samples can be offered)
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    50 kgs/ drum
  • Delivery Time
    1-10 working days
  • Payment Terms
    , T/T
  • Supply Ability
    3000 kgs per Month

Powder Greenhouse Fumigation Chloroisobromine Cyanuric Acid CCA 50% SP


CCA Chloroisobromine Cyanuric Acid White Powder for Bacteria CAS No.89325-49-5




It’s the guidelines for scientific and technical workers to research and develop highly safe, pollution-free, and affordable products, which are convenient to use and environment-friendly, with low residue and high biological activity, to increase food production, improve people’s life and health care of human and animals, prevent and control diseases. Chloroisobromine Cyanuric Acid is successfully created abiding by these guidelines. It takes more than ten years from its research to production. According to the strict requirements to sanitary disinfection and chemicals, and tested by authority departments, it takes the concentration of 10ppm and fives minutes for Chloroisobromine Cyanuric Acid to kill 100% e. coli and s. aureus staphylococcus, streptococcus, etc; and 200ppm and 30 minutes to kill hepatitis virus, brevibacterium, etc.



U CHOICE GROUP is the exclusive manufacturer of fungicides Chloroisobromine Cyanuric Acid ( CCA ) 90%TC , and it has been recommended as the agriculture foreign - aim fungicides by China Ministry of Agriculture, it also was recommend on soil born disease by China Ministry of Agriculture.

Chemical Name: Chloroisobromine Cyanuric Acid 50%SP

English Name: Chloroisobromine Cyanuric Acid

CAS NO: 89325-49-5

HS code: 3808939029



1. Apple trees,pear trees,peach,oranges,apricot,jujube trees,persimmon trees,and so on.

2. The grain,cotton,oil and crops.

3. Tobacco.

4. Flowers,Chinese herbs and lawn.

5. Aquaculture.

6. Vegetables such as cucumber,pepper,eggplant,tomato,Chinese cabbage,celery,ginger.


Technical Information:

Chemical Name Chloroisobromine Cyanuric Acid
Purity 50%
Appearance White or Off-white Powder
Status Soluble powder
CAS No. 89325-49-5
Molecular Formula C3HO3N3ClBr
Bioactivity Sterilization



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Each batch goods keep samples for double check.
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