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Home - News - the 23th of AgrochemEx will be taken during Oct 25th -27th 2023 in Shanghai.

the 23th of AgrochemEx will be taken during Oct 25th -27th 2023 in Shanghai.

September 28, 2023

The 23th AgrochemEx will be taken during Oct 25th -27th 2023 in Shanghai. 


On this great exhibition, there will be more than 1000 companies from different countries attend it. there will be pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators, fungicides, fertilizers and machines. 


welcome you visit it. 


my factory will show our patent fungicides Chloroisobromine Cyanuric Acid.


and our products list as below:contact informaiton:   whatsapp: 0086 13598869240


Product Name CAS No.
24-epi-brassinolide 90%TC 78821-43-9
28-homo-brassinolide 90%TC 74174-44-0
Proplydihydrojasmonate (PDJ) 96%TC 158474-72-7
Triacontanol 90%TC, 1.5%SP 593-50-0
Forchlorfenuron (CPPU)99%TC, 2%SP 68157-60-8
Naphthoxy acetic acid ( BNOA )98%TC 120-23-0
Naphthoxy acetic acid sodium salt 98%TC 10042-71-4
6-Benzylaminopurine 98%TC,99%TC 3%SP 1214-39-7
Indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) 98%TC 133-32-4
Indole-3-butyric acid Potassium salt 98%TC 60096-23-3
a-naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) 98%TC 86-87-3
a-naphthalene acetic acid sodium salt 98%TC 61-31-4
Trans-zeatin 99%TC 1637-39-4
(S)-(+)-Abscisic Acid(S-ABA) 90%TC 10%SP 21293-29-8
Gibberellin acid 90%TC 77-06-5
Gibberellin acid 4+7 90%TC

A 4: 468-44-0

A 7 : 10365-11-4

Kinetin 98%TC 2%SP 525-79-1
Naphthaleneacetamide (NAD) 98%TC 86-86-2
PD-6 98%TC  
Indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) 98%TC 87-51-4
Indole-3-acetic acid Potassium salt (IAA-K) 2338-19-4
Temephos 98%TC 3383-96-8
4-CPA 99%TC 122-88-3
Sodium nitrophenolate 98%TC  
Hymexazol 98%TC 10004-44-1
DA-6 98%TC 10369-83-2
Sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate (5NG) 98%TC 67233-85-6
DCPTA 98%TC 65202-07-5
Chloroisobromine Cyanuric Acid 50%SP 89325-49-5
Meta-topolin (MT) 99%TC 75737-38-1