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Home - News - Potassium diphenylurea disulfonate- a new highly active cytokinin plant growth promoter

Potassium diphenylurea disulfonate- a new highly active cytokinin plant growth promoter

July 19, 2022
We research a new cytokinin products that similar with 6-BA . 

Product name: Potassium diphenylurea disulfonate


CAS No.:90331-73-0


Physical and chemical properties: white or off-white powder, easily soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, methanol, acetonitrile and other organic solvents, insoluble in toluene, xylene, petroleum ether. Stable under acidic, alkaline, heating and other conditions.


Toxicity : LD50>5000mg/kg, acute transdermal LD50> 4640mg/kg,no irritation to rabbit skin and eyes.


Mechanism of action: Potassium diphenylurea sulfonate is a highly active cytokinin plant growth promoter selected from diphenylurea derivatives, which can significantly increase the activity of various enzymes in crops. Improve the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in cells, promote the division and elongation of plant cells, and promote the development of roots, leaves and buds, thereby increasing crop yield.


Functional characteristics:

1. Promote seed germination, rapid seedling, homogeneous seedling, and strong seedling.

2. Significant cell division function, promote tiller and root development, and improve root vitality.

3. Enhance photosynthesis, significantly increase chlorophyll content, inhibit leaf aging, and delay crop aging.

4. Enhance crop resistance to disease and damage, cold resistance, drought resistance and other properties, and the stress resistance effect  is particularly significant.


Usage and dosage:

Spray : 30-50ppm

Flushing/base fertilize: 180-300 grams per acre