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A New Generation Of New Pesticide Fungicides-Hymexazol

July 20, 2022


                                           - A New Generation Of New Pesticide Fungicides, Systemic Fungicides, Soil Disinfectants


Hymexazol Summary: Hymexazol is a systemic high-efficiency pesticide fungicide, soil disinfectant, and a plant growth regulator. Hymexazol can effectively inhibit the normal growth of pathogenic fungal mycelium or directly kill pathogens, and can promote plant growth,it can also promote the growth and development of crop roots, take root and strengthen seedlings, and improve the survival rate of crops. Hymexazol has an extremely high penetration rate, moving to the stem in two hours and to the whole body of the plant in 20 hours.


Hymexazol Technical Data

Technical Item Technical Data
Density 1.185 /cm3
Boiling Point 228.2°C at 760 mmHg
Melting Point 80 ℃(lit.)
Molecular Weight 198.176
Flash Point 91.8 ℃
Exact Mass 198.064056
PSA 46.09000
LogP 0.27630
Vapor Pressure 0.0493mmHg at 25℃
Refractive Index 1.467


Hymexazol usage and dosage

1. Foliar spray diluted 1200-1500 times liquid.


2. Dilute 600-800 liquid for root irrigation, soak or dress seeds 1000 times.


3. Soil treatment: 2.5 kilograms per acre, mixed fertilizer application, hole application or strip application is better.


4. Seedbed disinfection For seedbeds of vegetables, cotton, tobacco, flowers, forestry seedlings, etc., before sowing, use 2.5-3 kg of 0.1%          Hymexazol granules per mu to treat the seedbed soil or use 3000-6000 times of 96% Hymexazol (or 1000 Times 30% Hymexazol) carefully spraying the seedbed soil, spraying 3 grams of liquid medicine per square meter, can prevent the occurrence of various diseases such as damping off, blight, fusarium wilt, root rot, stem rot and so on.


5. When the seedlings of vegetables, grains, peanuts, tobacco, medicinal materials and other crops are planted or in the growth period of seedlings, spray with 3000-6000 times of 96% Hymexazol (or 1000 times of 30% Hymexazol), and then spray once every 7 days, not only can prevent Fusarium wilt, root rot, stem rot, blight, verticillium wilt, sheath blight, rice blast and other diseases, and can promote the development of root system of seedlings, the robustness of plants, and enhance the resistance to low temperature, frost, drought, waterlogging, medicine resistance to various natural disasters such as damage and fertilizer damage.


Hymexazol Diseases that can be treated:

Fruit trees: round root rot, root rot, purple streak, white silk

Rice: blight, sheath blight, sclerotinia and various diseases that cause rotten seedlings

Cotton: blight, damping off, blight, fusarium wilt, verticillium wilt

Wheat: Take-all, Scab, Sheath Blight, Snow Mildew, Root Rot, Wing Blight

Beans: Fusarium wilt, Botrytis, Sclerotinia

Tomato: Botrytis cinerea, virus disease, early blight, late blight, cotton blight, fusarium wilt

Eggplant: Brown disease, Fusarium wilt, Cotton blight, Sclerotinia

Cucumber: downy mildew, blight, blight, botrytis

Watermelon, cucumber: fusarium wilt, blight, blight, sclerotinia, blight, white silkworm, gray mold

Leafy vegetables: blight, root rot, black root, sclerotinia Peppers: damping off, anthracnose, botrytis, blight

Forest trees and nurseries: blight, damping-off, etc.

Onions and garlic: Botrytis cinerea, purple spot Lawn: Brown Spot, Pythium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt